One School – Two Paths

Students can choose between two tracks: one to pursue a degree with Southeastern University and one to receive a certificate from VCLA.

Degree-Seeking Students

Southeastern University has partnered with Valley Creek Leadership Academy to offer students affordable degree programs. We have a two-year associate degree plan, allowing students to earn up to 30 credit hours each year.These degree programs will equip and develop students both spiritually and within their vocational field. 

In addition to the incredible, Biblically-based SEU classes, students will also take VCLA classes on topics about professional development, leadership, theology, discipleship, and the Bible.

Visit here to learn more about the investment and degree programs through SEU. 

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you already have or don’t plan to earn a college degree, you’re still eligible for VCLA. Students on this track will walk through our VCLA curriculum and learn about topics such as encountering the presence of God, building godly relationships, learning to lead like Jesus, and thinking and living with a kingdom mindset. They will also get hands-on training in professional development through resumé and interview workshops, communication labs, and organizational leadership.

Investment: $4,500 a year (covers all retreats, mission trips, books, curriculum, and experiences)

Leadership Lab

VCLA Students will also take part in 4 different practicum courses that will give them practical, hands-on leadership equipping that will help them learn to lead like Jesus did, whether they are going to ministry or the marketplace.

These practicums will grow their knowledge and experience in areas of leading teams, organizational leadership, project management, digital marketing, and coaching.

Madisonne's Story

Madisonne graduated from VCLA in 2019. She’s currently pursuing a degree and career in the medical field. Watch her powerful story of how VCLA impacted her identity, relationship with God, and purpose.

Other Opportunities


Residency Program

Students who have graduated VCLA will be eligible to apply for a one-year residency. This is for students who believe their next step is to prepare for their calling in vocational ministry.

At the conclusion of the Resident Experience, Residents will:

  • Display maturity and growth in both character and leadership competencies
  • Have a realistic picture of what vocational ministry entails
  • Be prepared to successfully step into an entry-level role in ministry

Residency Program available for VCLA Graduates. Click here to apply for VCLA today!

Summer Internship

A summer internship at Valley Creek Church is a great option for college students home for the summer, young professionals, or recent high school graduates.

Interns will engage in a six-week experience, investing 15 hours each week. During this time, they will:

  • Grow in their personal relationship with Jesus
  • Receive intentional investment into their leadership
  • Connect and develop relationships with other young adults through adventures
  • Experience a hands-on look at day-to-day life in ministry

Applications for Summer 2022 coming soon.


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VCLA is more than a school; it’s an experience. At the heart of Valley Creek Church is a deep desire to equip this generation to lead today. Building authentic relationships, taking adventures, and discovering more about who God is by learning how to experience His presence are just a few of the ways we believe God will change your world through this journey.