Valley Creek Leadership Academy (VCLA) students have two different kinds of curriculum during their 2 year experience. They will walk through our VCLA courses, and they’ll have classes they take with Southeastern University. Through our partnership with SEU, we’re able to offer two different associate degrees to help prepare students for a career in ministry or in the marketplace.

SEU Classes: Mondays & Wednesdays

Students will attend their SEU classes together using SEU’s digital platform. They’ll meet every Monday and Wednesday at our Flower Mound Campus. Students will be in class with an SEU professor that loves Jesus and brings the professionalism, expertise, and training you would expect from one of the country’s top private universities.

VCLA Courses: Tuesdays & Thursdays

VCLA offers courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our Flower Mound Campus. Our Core Curriculum consists of Theology, Character, Leadership, and Bible courses.

Each class listed in our VCLA Course Catalog represents one to two hours in a workshop ­style classroom experience where students activate and practice what they were just taught. VCLA is a training center, so our students aren’t just sitting and taking notes. We want them to steward everything they learn. Each class is experiential, engaging, interactive, and has elements that will connect with them as young adults.

Since they will be taking a full load of college classes, these courses will not have outside homework. However, these are college-level courses, so there’s a high expectation of excellence.

VCLA courses, SEU classes, student life, mission trips, retreats, are all designed to prepare young adults for their next step in college or their career, and it’s all included in their tuition. You can find out more about the cost of tuition, degree plans, financial aid, and more by going to

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CAlled to Ministry?


Residency Program

Students who have graduated VCLA will be eligible to apply for a one-year residency. This is for students who believe their next step is to prepare for their calling in vocational ministry.

At the conclusion of the Resident Experience, Residents will:

  • Display maturity and growth in both character and leadership competencies
  • Have a realistic picture of what vocational ministry entails
  • Be prepared to successfully step into an entry-level role in ministry

Residency Program available for VCLA Graduates. Click here to apply for VCLA today!

Young Adult Summer Internship

Summer Internship is a 6-week experience that invests in the leadership of young adults. It’s a great option for college students home for the summer or recent high school graduates.

Interns will engage in a six-week experience, investing 25 hours a week. During this time, they will:

  • Grow in your relationship with Jesus
  • Get fully immersed in the Valley Creek leadership culture
  • Receive intentional investment into leadership skills
  • Build community with other young adults and Valley Creek leaders

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VCLA is an investment into the rest of your life!

Live out God's Dream for your life!

VCLA is more than a college; it’s an experience. At the heart of Valley Creek Church is a deep desire to equip this generation to lead today. Building authentic relationships, taking adventures, and discovering more about who God is by learning how to experience His presence are just a few of the ways we believe God will change your world through this journey.