Two-Year Degree Program

Southeastern University has partnered with Valley Creek Leadership Academy to offer students affordable degree programs. We have a two-year associate degree plan, allowing students to earn up to 30 credit hours each year.These degree programs will equip and develop students both spiritually and within their vocational field. 

In addition to the incredible, Biblically-based SEU classes, students will also take VCLA classes on topics about professional development, leadership, theology, discipleship, and the Bible.

Visit here to learn more about the investment and degree programs through SEU. 

Two-Year Degree Topics
  • The Father’s Heart: Identity
  • The Father’s Heart: Relationship
  • The Father’s Heart – Purpose
  • The Gospel
  • Renewing Your Mind
  • Hearing God’s Voice for Yourself
  • Hope Movements: the Church and the Kingdom
  • Making Sense of the World – Biblical Worldview
  • Apologizing and Releasing Offenses
  • Building a Belief System – What Do You Believe?
  • Finding Your People: Godly Relationships
  • God’s Design for Manhood and Womanhood
  • Dating, Sex, and Marriage 1 – Attraction and Pursuit
  • Dating, Sex, and Marriage 2 – Intimacy and Pleasure
  • Dating, Sex, and Marriage 3 – a Practical Approach
  • Life as a Disciple 1 – Who Am I Becoming? And Enjoying God
  • Life as a Disciple 2 – Focusing on Jesus and Obeying Him
  • Life as a Disciple 3 – Receiving God’s Love and Holding Nothing Back
  • Experiencing Heaven on Earth – the Miraculous
  • Prayer: the Power of an Open Heaven
  • Fighting From Victory – Spiritual Warfare
  • Generosity and Stewardship – Financial Freedom
  • Freedom 1 – What Is Freedom?
  • Freedom 2 – How to Break the Shame and Guilt Cycle
  • Freedom 3 – Receiving the Father’s Love
  • The Essentials 1 – The Grace of God, the Spirit of God, and the Word of God
  • The Essentials 2 – The People of God and the Mission of God
  • VCC Values – We Are Jesus-focused, Life-giving, Spirit-filled
  • VCC Values – We Follow the Cloud
  • VCC Values – We Pursue Unity With Everything We Have
  • VCC Values – We Are a Family on Mission
  • VCC Values – We Do Everything With All Our Heart
  • VCC Values – We Are Passionate About the Presence of God
  • VCC Values – We Live With a Spirit of Gratitude
  • VCC Values – We Will Do Whatever It Takes to Reach the Lost and Develop Leaders
  • VCC Values – We Have a Responsibility to Give What We Have Received
  • VCC Values – We Believe There Is Always More
  • Living Like Jesus 1 – Honor and Submission
  • Living Like Jesus 2 – Serving and Humility
  • Living Like Jesus 3 – Vulnerability
  • Living Like Jesus 4 – Believing the Best and Holding Others to Their Best
  • Leaders See the Vision
  • Leaders Are Faithful and Committed
  • Leaders Lead Through Change
  • Leaders Make Good Decisions
  • Leaders Develop Others
  • Leaders Live on Purpose Based on Story and Style
  • Leaders Live on Purpose Based on a Theology of Work
  • How to Live Free and Stay Healthy
  • How to Say It Well 1 – Preparation
  • How to Say It Well 2 – Delivery
  • How to Receive and Give Coaching
  • How to Build and Lead Teams
  • How to Have Hard Conversations
  • How to Plan for a Career: Resumes, Interviews and Professionalism
  • How Is the Bible Organized?
  • How Did We Get the Bible and Where Did It Come From?
  • How to Get the Most From the Bible 1 – What Do I See?
  • How to Get the Most From the Bible 2 – What Does It Mean? And How Do I Apply It?
  • What Does the Bible Assume About God?
  • Is There Historical and Geological Proof for Creation?
  • God Created 1 – Genesis: God Created Everything and It Was Good
  • God Created 2 – Genesis: God Creates a Way Back to Freedom
  • Disappointed 1 – Genesis: How to Not Let People or Circumstances Disappoint You
  • Disappointed 2 – Genesis: How to Not Let Waiting or Feelings Disappoint You
  • God Delivered 1 – Exodus: God Uses Unlikely People to Answer Kingdom Cries
  • God Delivered 2 – Exodus: God Uses the Tabernacle to Point Us to Jesus
  • God Provided 1 – 1 Samuel: God Often Gives Us What We Ask for to Expose Our True Selves
  • God Provided 2 – 1 & 2 Samuel: God’s Discipline Always Points Us to What Is Better
  • God Restored 1 – Hosea: God Will Pay the Most Extravagant Price to Restore Us
  • God Restored 2 – Esther: God Works in the Mundane to Start Movements of Hope
  • The Period Between the Old and New Testaments: God Was Not Silent
  • Jesus Concealed in the Old Testament, Revealed in the New Testament
  • God Came 1 – The Four Gospels: All of God Came for All of Us
  • God Came 2 – The Four Gospels Reflect the Multi-faceted Nature of Jesus
  • The Easter Experience – Jesus’ Final Week and the Case for the Resurrection
  • Jesus Is Enough 1 – Jesus Is Relevant and I Am His Vision
  • Jesus Is Enough 2 – Jesus Is My Life and Worthy of My Passion
  • God Built 1 – Acts: Continuing the Words and Works of Jesus
  • God Built 2 – Letters: Building Up the Early Church
  • God Makes New 1 – Revelation: Uncovering Jesus as the Glorified King
  • God Makes New 2 – Revelation: Jesus Restores Everything Good
  • End Times: the Hope of the Returning King

Leadership Lab

VCLA Students will also take part in 4 different practicum courses that will give them practical, hands-on leadership equipping that will help them learn to lead like Jesus did, whether they are going to ministry or the marketplace.

These practicums will grow their knowledge and experience in areas of leading teams, organizational leadership, project management, digital marketing, and coaching.

Madisonne's Story

Madisonne graduated from VCLA in 2019. She’s currently pursuing a degree and career in the medical field. Watch her powerful story of how VCLA impacted her identity, relationship with God, and purpose.

Other Opportunities


Residency Program

Students who have graduated VCLA will be eligible to apply for a one-year residency. This is for students who believe their next step is to prepare for their calling in vocational ministry.

At the conclusion of the Resident Experience, Residents will:

  • Display maturity and growth in both character and leadership competencies
  • Have a realistic picture of what vocational ministry entails
  • Be prepared to successfully step into an entry-level role in ministry

Residency Program available for VCLA Graduates. Click here to apply for VCLA today!

Young Adult Summer Internship

Summer Internship is a 6-week experience that invests in the leadership of young adults. It’s a great option for college students home for the summer or recent high school graduates.

Interns will engage in a six-week experience, investing 25 hours a week. During this time, they will:

  • Grow in your relationship with Jesus
  • Get fully immersed in the Valley Creek leadership culture
  • Receive intentional investment into leadership skills
  • Build community with other young adults and Valley Creek leaders

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VCLA is more than a school; it’s an experience. At the heart of Valley Creek Church is a deep desire to equip this generation to lead today. Building authentic relationships, taking adventures, and discovering more about who God is by learning how to experience His presence are just a few of the ways we believe God will change your world through this journey.