Interest Gathering & Preview Day – VCLA Cup Challenge

Here is a great opportunity for all VCLA students to earn some points for their team!

  • VCLA Interest Gathering: Sunday, September 24; 12:45pm-1:45pm – Flower Mound Campus For potential students (11th grade-24 yrs old) and parents of potential students.
  • VCLA Preview Day: Tuesday, October 3; 8:30am-1:30pm – Flower Mound Campus For potential students only. (11th grade-24 yrs old)

For each student or parent that you invite to Interest Gathering and/or Preview Day, your team will receive one point after they have registered AND attended the event. If multiple VCLA students give us the same name, the point will go to whichever VCLA student gives us the name first.

Registration is open and you can direct all students and parents to

VCLA Pop Ups will also be available at:

  • Each campus on Wednesday, September 13 for MVMNT night
  • Each campus on Sunday, September 17 in all atriums
  • At the Young Adult Gathering on Tuesday, September 19 at the Denton Campus